Thursday, July 20, 2017

Monson Family Reunion

Every year at the Monson Family Reunion they do an epic water balloon fight. Everyone dresses up who wants to participate and it's kids vs adults.

 Somehow most of the boys ended up muddy mess. We sprayed them down with the hose.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Saturday morning we checked out of our hotel and drove down the coast to a town called Florence and went on a giant Dune Buggy ride. Florence was so pretty we decided next time we need to spend some more time there. 

 After the dune buggy ride we let the kids play on the bumper boats.

Afterwards we drove to Eugene and had a late lunch at my cousin Kim's house. It was fun visiting with her and catching up. That pretty much summed up our trip to the coast. We had a lot of fun and enjoyed our trip.


After we ate we drove back to the beach across from our Hotel. There were a ton of people there and they had a bunch of cool kites. This beach was perfect. There was a river across the road and a small stream had cut through out to the ocean. The river water was warmer than the ocean water. It was also shallow and perfect for all the kids to play in.